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Solar energy stands as one of the cleanest and most affordable sources of power. Amid the escalating challenges of climate change, renewable energy is crucial for the conservation of our planet. It is vital for churches and charitable organizations to consider incorporating renewable energy solutions when planning the construction of schools, formation houses, social and health centers and any other kind of Church buildings..

To assist project partners in selecting the most sustainable and efficient energy options, BEGECA offers comprehensive technical advice, along with administrative and logistical support for renewable energy projects. Our primary focus is on efficiency, sustainability, and the preservation of the natural environment.

BEGECA collaborates with an international network of partner companies, all selected and prequalified according to European and national regulations. This network enables BEGECA to support partners in the assessment, implementation, delivery, installation, and maintenance of solar systems, ensuring high-quality products that maintain a consistently high technical standard.

BEGECA provides support in the following areas:

- Energy supply consultation: advice on energy production, security, optimization, and energy-saving concepts, as well as integrating different energy sources (e.g., hydropower and solar).
- Project development: expert advice and development of optimal solutions in the field of renewable energy.
- Project implementation: planning, tendering, awarding, supervision, and billing processes.
- Maintenance of existing systems: maintenance, repair, and commissioning services for current systems as well as the dismantling, re-powering, and recycling of outdated systems.
- Technology Transfer: training and networking events that facilitate technology transfer.
- Monitoring: solar power systems can be equipped with special loggers that record data from both the solar power system and the grid or generator power. This data can be accessed remotely and analyzed by our specialist consultants.

By engaging with BEGECA, partners can ensure that their renewable energy projects are not only effective and sustainable but also contribute significantly to the global effort to combat climate change.

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