Mobility in Bukumbi Hospital

In order to meet the mobility needs of Bukumbi Hospital in Mwanza (Tanzania), the Hospital management decided to purchase a Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top. This decision was driven by the need for a reliable and durable vehicle capable of navigating the challenging terrains surrounding the hospital, ensuring that medical staff could reach patients in remote areas and transport supplies efficiently.

The procurement process was meticulously planned to ensure the vehicle met all the specific requirements of the hospital. After thorough market research and evaluations, the Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top was selected for its proven track record in rugged environments, spacious interior, and robust performance. 

Once the decision was made, BEGECA was entrusted with the task of purchasing and transporting the vehicle, ensuring that all necessary import documentation, shipping arrangements, and customs clearances were handled smoothly. The vehicle was carefully transported from the manufacturer to the port, then shipped and delivered to Bukumbi Hospital.

The acquisition of the Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top has significantly enhanced the hospital’s operational capabilities. It now plays a crucial role in emergency medical response, outreach programs, and transportation of patients and medical personnel, thereby improving the overall healthcare delivery in the region.

Bukumbi hospital is a non-profit organization owned by Catholic Archdiocese of Mwanza. It was initially established in the early 1990's by the Missionaries of Africa (also known as "White Fathers") as dispensary. The existing hospital buildings were built early 1950’s.

The hospital is located about 30 km from Mwanza city, north eastern part of Misungwi district, two kilometer along Lake Victoria shore. It has bed capacity of 150 beds serving an average of 25,000 to 30,000 patients annually. These patients of different ethnic backgrounds, different areas inside and outside Mwanza region.

The hospital caters for medical, surgical, obstetric and gynaecology, paediatric, OPD,RCH emergency. Other services include laboratory, pharmacy, imaging, radiology, outreach and others.