INDIA: Computer lab for the Holy Spirit School Senua

Alberto Eisman


Longtham, Arunaschal Pradesh, India

Alberto Eisman


185 Students (1st-5th grade)

Alberto Eisman

Local Counterpart

Holy Spirit Sisters

Alberto Eisman


Procurement and installation of 20 computers for IT-Lab

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Alberto Eisman

Funding Partners

Central Catholic Office for Development (Berlin)


Alberto Eisman

Alberto Eisman

The Congregation 'Sisters of the Holy Spirit' was founded in Koblenz, Germany in 1857 by Mother Irmina Hoelscher. In 1973 the congregation started in India.

The educational goal of the Center at Longtham, Vill. Senua is to provide quality education to poor and backward children.

Prior to the project the authorities of the education department of the district, after their annual inspection, noted in their report that the school administration should arrange computer facilities immediately (at least 20 computers), otherwise the recognition of the school would be withdrawn which will be a great threat for the further education of the children. The authorities also noted that the Government will not provide any assistance and as the school is run by a minority institution it will have to find its own resources to meet the needs.

The project supported the school with 20 computers, internet, and other equipment. Before, the children were taught computer classes, but only the theory part is done due to the shortage of computers.

Begeca supported the project with its technical expertise as well as with funds from the Katholischen Zentralstelle für Entwicklung e. V. (KZE)