RWANDA: Technical Equipment of Vocational School, Ruhengeri

Alberto Eisman


Ruhengeri (Rwanda)

Alberto Eisman

Local Counterpart

Diocese of Ruhengeri

Alberto Eisman


Purchase, expedition and installation of specialized machine equipment

Alberto Eisman


Education, Vocational Training

Alberto Eisman

Funding Partners

Central Catholic Office for Development (Berlin) through MISEREOR


Alberto Eisman

Alberto Eisman

Alberto Eisman

ETEFOP TSS ‘Ecole Technique de Formation professionnelle’ Vocational Training center is an accredited private technical vocational training centre located in Musanze district, Rwanda. The school is owned by Ruhengeri Catholic church Diocese and it was inaugurated in 2009.

Since its establishment, ETEFOP TSS has grown into a remarkable institution furnished with modern facilities and equipment, obtained thanks to the generous financial support of MISEREOR, a German organization specialized in vocational training development.

ETEFOP TSS was established as a way to realize the social mission of the Church to support the poor and the vulnerable. It is focused on boosting the quality of vocational education.

Among others, BEGECA carried out the tender for the purchase of the required equipment, it chose the most advantageous bidder and it organized the transport, the import and the installation of the equipment in the school.

Among the purchased items, there were an control diagnostic device Bosch with computer and software, a wheel aligner, a brake disk lathe, a tyre-balancing machine, a welding machine, high pressure cleaner and an induction heating tool.