What do we offer?

Our aim is to help charitable, non-profit and church partners to achieve their goals by means of proper mobility or through the implementation of different development projects, where an appropiate technology or technical expertise is required. 

Once the needs from our project partners have been assessed, BEGECA provides professional technical advice and helps the project partner to make a choice between available alternatives, taking into account sustainability, price, quality and adequacy of inputs.  

BEGECA helps project partners for the selection, purchase, transport, insurance and delivery of vehicles and equipment inputs (solar systems, WASH modules, digitalisation, agriculture, medical technology, equipment of workshops for vocational centres, etc.).  

If you would like to receive an offer from us, you must be a registered NGO customer of BEGECA. 

When the project partner has identified its needs and the most suitable inputs have been chosen among the available options, BEGECA provides guidance about purchasing alternatives.

In some cases, due to the complexity and the magnitude of the purchase and to international procurement requirements, the project partner might also need special assistance carrying out competitive bidding processes or tenders, that might be open or restricted, according to the conditions involved. BEGECA has a wide experience in such processes and provides a transparent and clear frame for goods to be purchase or services to be assigned in the most transparent way.  For more information to this process, kindly check our tenders section. 

Once the provider has been determined and the request from the local counterpart has been received, BEGECA  will send an offer including (upon request) freight and insurance with an estimated delivery time. Payment terms and other informations will be provided. 

BEGECA’s general purchasing conditions apply.

Once the required inputs have been identified, some requirements like the necessary funding has been secured and the supplier has been identified, BEGECA proceeds with the collection, packaging and delivery of the item(s) to an international expeditor and to reliable forwarding agents who will be responsible for the safe delivery of the item(s) to the project site or the nearest port (as previously agreed with the project partner).

In some cases, and in order to prevent possible damage in transit, there is the option of taking out a transport insurance to ensure that the goods arrive in good condition and that, in the event of material damage, the project partner is compensated and the goods are replaced or repaired. BEGECA offers affordable internationally recognized insurance services for all types of goods, whatever their size or nature, from fragile items to vehicles and large machinery.

Both positive and negative experiences in project implementation contain valuable lessons for others. We try to collect all information related to the experiences of our project partners and we are ready to share them with others. This is why BEGECA is very much in favour of partner networking, as we believe it is a very practical way of improving the effectiveness of development interventions. . 

Pioneering experiences can be very useful for others and therefore BEGECA tries to bring together partners with similar interests and working in the same areas. BEGECA is happy to offer advice based on its long professional experience. By sharing interesting experiences and replicating successful projects adapted to new contexts, BEGECA brings added value to project cooperation.  

In the same way that be believe that "no man is an island", we also hold fast to the assumption that a project partner with clear vision should not go through the process of "reinventing the wheel" in order to fulfil its goals. BEGECA would like to advise and assist project partners all over the world by facilitating exchange on different fields and promoting appropriate technology transfer.