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BEGECA stands for consulting, procurement, logistics


Since 1968, BEGECA has been at the forefront of planning, consulting and equipping the projects and mobility needs of church and non-profit partners on a global scale. Over the years, BEGECA has built a reputation for excellence and reliability, with more than 300 organisations benefiting from its services each year in around 1000 projects worldwide.

BEGECA understands the critical importance of  reliable transport  for project delivery, especially in tropical regions and areas with difficult access. To meet the diverse mobility needs of project partners in these challenging environments, we provide high quality and durable 4-wheel drive vehicles, specifically selected for their robustness and adaptability. Such vehicles are equipped to meet the rigorous demands of daily operations, ensuring that partners can carry out their essential work without interruption. Whether it's muddy roads during the rainy season or uneven and rocky terrain, the 4x4 vehicles provided by the organisation are designed to perform consistently and reliably.

In addition to that, BEGECA's comprehensive range of services covers the entire life cycle of  development and humanitarian projects  in the fields of health, digitalisation, renewable energies, vocational training and others. BEGECA provides expertise from initial conception to the final stages of implementation and beyond. It offers specialised advice in various fields, including the conceptual, technical and commercial aspects of project planning. BEGECA's versatile team is adept at identifying and procuring all the goods and equipment necessary for the successful execution of projects, ensuring that each component meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Logistics is one of BEGECA's key areas of expertise and the organisation prides itself on its ability to efficiently manage the transport and delivery of materials to project sites, no matter how remote. It also oversees the assembly and commissioning on site, ensuring that all systems are fully operational and meet the specific needs of our customers.

At BEGECA, we are committed to providing customised solutions using appropriate technology to ensure the long life and sustainability of the items we supply. Recognising the importance of ongoing support, we offer after-sales spare parts and consumables to ensure the continued efficiency and effectiveness of the projects we support.

BEGECA's holistic approach and commitment to quality has made us a trusted partner for organisations around the world, helping them to achieve their goals and make a positive impact in their communities.


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